What is the shape of Earth? Strategies for using history of science to reflect upon the NOS

The Seed Thought for this meeting was delivered by T V Venkateswaran, Vigyan Prasar on the topic “Strategies for using history of science to reflect upon the Nature of Science”.

The ‘Second Voice’, the first comment on the ‘seed thought’ will be given by Meenambika Menon, a science educator looking after Science and Mathematics curriculum with Shiv Nadar School.

Here is a document with an outline of the talk

Day / Date : Saturday, 14th February, 2015

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Venue: Vigyan Prasar


Implementing Constructivist Education: Educational Goals vs. the Pedagogical Means to Achieve the Goals

Our first discussion was held on Saturday, the 10th of January 2015. Professor K P Mohanan, Center for Integrative Studies, Indian Institute for Science Education and Research (IISER) was our first presenter in this series. He shared his views on “Implementing Constructivist Education: Educational Goals vs. the Pedagogical Means to Achieve the Goals”. Click here for a brief outline of the talk circulated by Mohanan before the meeting.

A ten minute response to Mohanan was given by Professor Avijit Pathak, Professor of Sociology at JNU. After the meeting, a document was created along with a recorded podcast of the discussion itself.

The document which emerged from our discussions is available here.

Here is the podcast of the first meeting:

Mohanan, K P is an internationally well-known theoretical linguist, with a passion for education, and a deep interest in conceptual integration, critical thinking and inquiry across disciplines. After a PhD from MIT, Cambridge, USA in 1982, he taught at the University of Texas at Austin, MIT, Stanford University, and the National University of Singapore, before joining IISER-Pune in January 2011 as a Professor in the Center for Integrative Studies.

The others present at the meeting were:

Ananya Pathak, New Leaf Magazine

Anuradha Sen, Curriculum Head, Shiv Nadar Schools

Ashok Arora, Motivational Speaker and Author

Avijit Pathak, Professor, Centre for the Study of Social Systems, JNU

Bharat Suri, Teach for India

Dhiren Kumar, JNU

Gayeti Singh, Editor, The Citizen

Ishpreet Singh, Teach For India

Madhav Kaushish, ThinQ

Michelle Bambawale, GEMs Education

S Ramya Devi, JNU

S Revathi

Sasidhar S, Ashoka University

Seemant Dadwal, Learning Links India

Shankar Musafir, Educator, author

Shruti Chopra, BLEd Teacher Educator, LSR

Suman Kumar, Principal, Blue Bells International school, New Delhi

TV Venkateshwaran, Vigyan Prasar

Usha Srinivasan, Development Alternatives

Vagish Jha, Education Development Specialist, Universal Learn Today

Vikash Sharma, New Leaf Magazine

Yousuf Saeed, Film Maker, author